Sustainable medical education and training for professionals in countries in transition and emerging countries

Transferring knowledge to practice

Through our high quality courses and carefully selected trainers we make sure that the relevant knowledge is transferred to daily practice.

Sustainable approach

Lasting change is achieved through Train the Trainer programs, to make sure local capacity is build and there is a definite return on investment.

Our Schools


In our School of Health we offer courses for medical staff in different disciplines like nursing, medical imaging, laboratory, physiotherapy and speech therapy.

Didactics & Curriculum Development

With our School of Didactics & Curriculum Development we assist governments, universities and colleges to improve their quality to the highest standards.

Engineering & IT

Our School of Engineering and IT offers support to initiate or improve healthcare maintenance programs, maintenance workshops or maintenance management programs.

Quality & Change

Whether it is JCI (Joint Commission International) or our own star quality model our School of Quality & Change will support you to reach the desired level.

Food & Hygiene Safety

The School of Hygiene & Foodsafety will give fast return on investment with auditing, training and consultancy on Hygiene awareness, Hospital Waste Management and Infection Control.


We offer training for managers of hospitals and medical schools on different levels through our School of Management.

More than...
Hospitals supported with JCI implementation
trainers trained in different disciplines
staffmembers trained in ultrasound
radiographers trained, refreshed or specialized
trained in food and hygiene safety
managers trained in different modules
nurses trained in different specialties

The overall thoughts from the course participants are very positive and the teacher was a good educator with good knowledge and a teaching style that they could relate to and understand. They liked the content and also the combination of theory and practical. They also liked that they could request topics and the teacher was flexible enough to allow that to happen.

A very positive experience for our staff and all express that they have more confidence in their abilities to fully utilise the CT and MR.

Please pass on my thanks to the teacher and thank you for your help in setting up the program.

I am happy to learn that it is your organisation which was invovled in the execution and training of the Biomedical engineering Students course, a critical course where we lack cadres, the others not withstanding. Thank you for the great work that you have done for this country and the Ministry as a whole. We certainly need more cadres to be trained either wholy or for refresher courses that you have named and will not hesitate to recommend you when an opportunity strikes since you have been working in partnership with MOH before.

Latest News

16 Jun 15
Saba EMC Refresher

Saba EMC Refresher

We've had another week of training on the beautiful island of Saba.  A week with dedicated and very enthusiastic students! The training included trauma, cardio/EKG, refresher basic life support, pediatric basic…

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